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From the Runway to the Playground!

In following the same frugal ideology in our #thedollhouseremodel project, we set out to recreate our most beloved fashions the only way we can: thrifted and mini! This time we turn to the runways for our most coveted wardrobe wishes and head to our local second-hand treasure shops. Here, Penelope gives face in the closest we're gunna get to this perfectly-perfect Ulla Johnson ensemble! Mama can dream.....Click for more and keep an eye out for this returning series!

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Dollhouse Remodel: Tiny Ceramics by Ria Leigh

Our talented friend and former MA CRUSH Ria put her artistry to action this week with a teeny ceramic vignette. Handmade just for us, the serving set, hanging plant holder, and vases couldn't be cuter. Our DOLLHOUSE REMODEL project lets us daydream in miniature (which makes it a wee easier to accomplish than real-scale). The weather is warming and has us thinking about outdoor summer soirees. We're feeling hints of the Mediterranean, with blushes of abstract modernism against a white-washed background on our backyard patio, sipping cocktails under the stars....

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Fall Tablescape

Indoor entertaining takes on a new role as the leaves start to change. Things get a little cozy around here. We're scrambling together a lot of last-minute dinners with friends, trying to sneak in as much neighborhood cheer we can before everyone ducks out for the holiday craze. Click for more, as Jack Jeffries photographs a little Boburbs Fall Dinner. 

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The Dollhouse Remodel - Part 1: Mini Wall Textile by Janelle of All Roads

We're thrilled to embark on our new, ongoing project- #thedollhouseremodel. We're set to reimagine the traditional dollhouse into our own bohemian family fantasy. We can't wait for you to participate as we invite new makers to join the team. First things first: the textile wall hanging! What's a Bohemian Paradise without one?! There is no one like Janelle Pietrzak from All Roads Creative Workshop and Textile Studio in Los Angeles. She is a homespun Visionary, and the nicest of kinds. When we met her almost a decade ago, we thought she just might be one of the most creative people we had ever met. And to see the evolution of her brand has been awe-inspiring, as she has partnered with everyone from Ace + Jig, Suno, Anthropologie, and more. So we HAD to ask her to spin up one of her iconic wall textiles for our new project, the Dollhouse Remodel! 

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Painted Leafies!

Textile-inspired painted leaves- perhaps the easiest project to do this season with little ones! Nothing cures the grumps like a few strokes of paint, and the prints and pattern ideas are endless. Click through for more tips on creating your own cheap and cheerful little "Leafies."

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