DIY: Mama + Me Cardboard Woven Necklaces!

In preparation for Mother's Day, we've partnered with Land of Nod to bring you a simple and sweet ten-minute craft! Inspired by our textile-guru pal, Roxanne Young, we took a stab at the fiber art trend ourselves and made matching Mama + Me  woven statement necklaces out of household materials. Check your local store for event times this Saturday or follow below for the easy tutorial.

(Most items are lying around the house!)
Yarn (Color-blocking looks great- try 3-5 colors!)
Glue stick (or any kind of kid-friendly glue)
Pencil or Pen for tracing
Optional: beads with holes that yarn can fit through for some added bedazzle 

Step 1:

Decide on a shape for your necklace and start cutting your cardboard!
*Tip: We love the modern look of a giant half-circle. You can cut this out + trace as a guide. 

Step 2:

Select your colors and yarn. We liked these desert-pastels!
Start wrapping your cardboard making sure to wrap numerous times over your starting point to keep it in place.
Cut different color yarn and add to your pattern; varying in widths and colors!  

Step 3:
Once you finished your wraps and designs use a little glue to hold in place. Keep wrapping over the glued end to keep it secure.

Step 4:
Use your scissors to punch a little hole at either end of your card board. Pull the yarn through the hole and make a knot. You can measure on you or your model, for your desired necklace length. (usually around 16” drop for kids, with some slack to tie in a bow behind the neck for closure, or knotted closed on one side but long enough to slip over the head!) 


Voila! Now double that up for a matching-mama version and play with scale + length!

*Tip: we also tried topping ours off with some vintage plastic beads, woven around the final necklace with finer striped bakers twine.