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The Dollhouse Remodel - Part 1: Mini Wall Textile by Janelle of All Roads

We're thrilled to embark on our new, ongoing project- #thedollhouseremodel. We're set to reimagine the traditional dollhouse into our own bohemian family fantasy. We can't wait for you to participate as we invite new makers to join the team. First things first: the textile wall hanging! What's a Bohemian Paradise without one?! There is no one like Janelle Pietrzak from All Roads Creative Workshop and Textile Studio in Los Angeles. She is a homespun Visionary, and the nicest of kinds. When we met her almost a decade ago, we thought she just might be one of the most creative people we had ever met. And to see the evolution of her brand has been awe-inspiring, as she has partnered with everyone from Ace + Jig, Suno, Anthropologie, and more. So we HAD to ask her to spin up one of her iconic wall textiles for our new project, the Dollhouse Remodel! 

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