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From the Runway to the Playground!

In following the same frugal ideology in our #thedollhouseremodel project, we set out to recreate our most beloved fashions the only way we can: thrifted and mini! This time we turn to the runways for our most coveted wardrobe wishes and head to our local second-hand treasure shops. Here, Penelope gives face in the closest we're gunna get to this perfectly-perfect Ulla Johnson ensemble! Mama can dream.....Click for more and keep an eye out for this returning series!

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Fall Tablescape

Indoor entertaining takes on a new role as the leaves start to change. Things get a little cozy around here. We're scrambling together a lot of last-minute dinners with friends, trying to sneak in as much neighborhood cheer we can before everyone ducks out for the holiday craze. Click for more, as Jack Jeffries photographs a little Boburbs Fall Dinner. 

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Painted Leafies!

Textile-inspired painted leaves- perhaps the easiest project to do this season with little ones! Nothing cures the grumps like a few strokes of paint, and the prints and pattern ideas are endless. Click through for more tips on creating your own cheap and cheerful little "Leafies."

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