Lost Connections Postcards



I made a list of 5-6 people who I've fallen out of touch with: friends, past co-workers, and even family. Some I might have still been "connected" through social media, but craved a deeper reconnect. Nothing heavy or sappy, just a simple post-card to say hello and remind them that their impact was not forgotten. My daughter did some quick drawings and I scribbled a sentence of salutations and gratitude. Curious where this practice leads.....

On the same note, my daughter recently signed up for the Secret Society of Letter Writers in hopes to connect with a pen pal in celebration of the extinguishing act of mail correspondence. 


Master Boddington welcomes boys and girls from Brooklyn to Tokyo to Moscow to Buenos Aires to join a Secret Society to honor and protect the hand-written letter. Members will receive periodic post from the headquarters regarding important news, secret messages, letter writing projects, pen pals and the club’s annual Who’s Who.

The club is absolutely free and solely exists for the amusement of children who love to write. 

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