The Mysterious Tickle.  One day while we were on a road trip, the kids asked why we laugh when we are tickled and I couldn't answer it. "Tickle" or ticken means to touch lightly. But...the laughter-response is just bizarre? After a dive into the evolutionary theories, history of tickle torture, and neuroscience learnings of brain circuit connections....I thought it would be funny to ask kids how to define a tickle. It's a really tough question!

"Huh? Is a tickle a pickle? Why are you asking me what is a tickle? Momeeee is a tickle a pickle?" -Courtney Maum's daughter, 4.5

"A tickle is a tickle tickle tickle" (in a univesal tickle voice) Lev, 5

"A silly solve for the tummy troubles."  P, 6

"It's kind of like the heebie-jeebies." Rowan, 9