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Digs: Sunrise Ruffalo's Sunny's Callicoon Pop

Our new favorite #digs rest in the quirky Catskills town of Callicoon, NY.  After reading about the space in Vogue, we made sure to stop through while on a recent summer road trip and fell in love with Sunny's Callicoon Pop- an impeccable trove of artful findings and rarities tucked deep in the rolling hills where an enchanting river hugs its little town. 

We've had serious admiration for proprietor Sunrise Ruffalo ever since her influential Kaviar and Kind shop in Los Angeles pioneered cool, fine jewelry and experiential shopping in the early 2000's. We've adored her unmatched personal style and when we heard she uprooted her family from the busy city-life to the offbeat town of Callicoon- we had to visit.  

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Digs: Sarah and Harper of Electric Sun Creatives

It's been a doozy of a week, right!?! Let's take a minute to dial it back and savor something the HOME, where it's up to us to inspire and cultivate within our own family walls. Castle, condo, teepee, or tract home, they're really all the same. Home is where you plant your roots! We're on a constant quest to find what makes your home uniquely YOU. This week, we revisit Sarah Perez of Electric Sun Creatives handmade wall-hangings and little Harper in their charming Sacramento loft. She creates a lovely mix of a rural-style interior within the modern work/live for the tour!

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Digs: Sarah and Zain

We're saying farewell to Summer and finally ready to face new routines over here. We can't wait to share all our new friends and neighbors with you. This week, we visit marketing maven, Sarah Barkawi of Honey Agency and her curly-topped tot, Zain Oliver in Midtown Sac's Poverty Ridge (a stones-throw from Racks Vintage). Scarlet-lipped and bubbly, Sarah opened up the doors of her sweet California bungalow to Celisse Muller's lens, introducing us to her vast collection of local-art, pieces of her Palestinian heritage, and impressive succulent compilation while her darling little guy entertained us on the porch. Click for more of the curated home chalk-full of stylish finds and family love. 

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Digs: Vestige: Ashley Gleason's Fishtown Shop

We received such fanfare over our new friend Ashley's DIGS tour in Philly's emerging neighborhood of Fishtown recently, we decided to pay her another visit. This time we said Hello to her lovely new shop, Vestige. Tucked in a pistachio-painted, former 1920's shoe shop with pristine built-ins full of perfectly-curated ceramics, vegetable dyed vintage and heaps of baskets and textiles .....the shop will steal your heart! Heidi's Bridge captures the unique space and shows us around....

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Digs: Rachel Fowler and Joaquin in her shop, Racks Vintage

Hop on over to #Boburbswest and meet Rachel Fowler of Racks Vintage in the midtown neighborhood of Poverty Ridge in Sacramento. Rachel curates and owns both Racks and Old Gold in the WAL Public Market (with partner and our pal Trisha), and this Mama is bringing some bad-ass vintage glamour to Painted Sidewalks. With an infectious laugh and the cutest little dude, we couldn't resist her gypsy charm and the little red shack filled with denim, leather and lace. Celisse Muller shows us 'round....

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