Digs: Sarah and Harper of Electric Sun Creatives

All photos  Celisse Muller  

All photos Celisse Muller 

It's been a doozy of a week, right!?! Let's take a minute to dial it back and savor something small.....to the HOME, where it's up to us to inspire and cultivate within our own family walls. Castle, condo, teepee, or tract home, they're really all the same. Home is where you plant your roots! We're on a constant quest to find what makes your home uniquely YOU. This week, we revisit Sarah Perez of Electric Sun Creatives handmade wall-hangings and little Harper in their charming Sacramento loft. She creates a lovely mix of a rural-style interior within the modern work/live space...click for the tour!

As we we venture back to the vibrant and thriving creative community of the Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) located in the historic R Street Arts District in midtown Sacramento, we can’t get enough of all the stories Sarah's home has to tell. Her dedicated studio space is nothing short of spectacular- abundant greenery and book-ended windows pour out natural light and cheer. She is a collector: from the oil portraits, antique glassware, and stacks of sticks (used in her mobiles), the space feels more like a cottage inside than its contemporary, lofted structure. The apple does not fall far from the tree as her enthusiastic tot, Harper, shows us her own collection of paintings, homemade crochet blanket- teepee, and her chic signature mis-matched shoes! The art of making your house a home by collecting what you love (while teetering the balance between cohesive and eclectic) is no easy feat! Celisse Muller captures the treasure troves and beauty of a working artist + Mother below. 


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