We LOVE Who We Are Handmade Bonnets!

Our friend and UK contributor, Felicity has been kind enough to let us in on the pre-launch of her new bespoke bonnets, Who We Are. This Mama of four is a beacon of style with a romantic-chic bend like we've never seen. She procures the most beautiful blooming textiles in this collection of keepsakes for girls ages 6 months- 3 years. We are so looking forward to these little lovelies making their way out to the states. Click below for a note from Felicity's desk:

Hello, Painted Sidewalks:

Here is a little info on the story behind Who We Are, a slow-fashion collection of handmade bonnets coming soon.

8 years ago, when my daughter Violet was a baby I designed a collection of clothing for girls using large floral print vintage fabrics, the best bit about that is seeing how people who bought those dresses have kept them & passed them down to younger siblings or even displayed them in their homes as a piece of Art. 

After my daughter Odetta was born last year I started thinking again about designing a new little collection, my bonnets are designed to be kept & handed down, they are hand made in England using traditional techniques & lined with silk to provide the softest feel to the little ones head! They are made using true vintage fabrics or sustainably sourced end of rolls from some of Europe's largest Interior companies, these are pieces of heirloom quality. I plan to offer a personalisation service so they can also be initialled with the name of the child. 

I am passionate about textiles & my experience as a stylist makes this a really exciting project..WATCH THIS SPACE!!!! 



Make sure to visit @WhoWeAreClothier !

Make sure to visit @WhoWeAreClothier !