Two Peas in a Pod: A Conversation with Jenna + Cary from ACE & JIG!

Peas: Jenna + Cary. Pod: Ace & Jig

Peas: Jenna + Cary. Pod: Ace & Jig

We're tickled pink to share the creative duo between this week's #TwoPeasInaPod series. Say Hello to textile-queens Jenna and Cary from everyone's favorite clothing collection, Ace & Jig! These two Mothers and Shakers are the leaders in effortless dressing.... bumped-up a notch with playful proportions and their art of mismatch. Mamas can really get behind the washable, cozy cottons and friendly fits of all their coveted prints. Click below to hear these brand-wizards and designers du jour answer our silly rapid-fire questions and learn a little bit more about the lovely, lovely Jenna and Cary....


PS: What's the one thing you'd bring to a deserted island?


Jenna (the blonde): Sunblock

Cary (the brunette):  Journal


PS: If you weren’t doing what you are doing now with Ace + Jig, you might have been ...


Jenna: Doctors Without Borders

      Cary: Children's art teacher


PS: If you were in a circus what would your job be?


Jenna: Trapeze! adrenaline junkie

      Cary: Does wardrobe & makeup count?!


PS: Most regretful fashion moment?


Jenna: Goth teen / stirrup pants tween / self-tanner mid 20's (hard to pick just one)

      Cary: C'mon no regrets but some nice highlights are: full head of hair in braids complete with  purple and lavender extensions/ black leather 5" high top platforms that I wore everywhere when I was 20 - still have them!


PS: You belong in what era?


Jenna: Seventies / Twenties

      Cary: Seventies / Eighties


PS: What is the most interesting thing you have in your purse?

Jenna: Tiny plastic guy attached to a parachute

      Cary: Single sheer sock


PS: What is the most delightful word... you can think of?


Jenna: JOY

      Cary: SLEEP


PS: Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?


Jenna: Gatherer all the way

      Cary: Gatherer but husband says hunter 😜


PS: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be?


Jenna: Neon celadon

      Cary: Multicolor


PS: What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?


Jenna: Not crashing into anything

      Cary: Here we go, weeeeeee!


PS: I feel naked WITHOUT….


Jenna: A hair elastic on my wrist

      Cary: Moisturizer


PS: What were you like in high school?


Jenna: A voracious explorer of all things and an activist

Cary: Where's the party??!!  


PS: Silliest nickname for your kids..


Jenna: Princess lady-bear (Adah) and Jiggawhat (James)

      Cary: Ali-wal ( Alice) and Paul-Paul lil boss or Paulito (Paul)


PS: You are a (what kind of ) hoarder


Jenna: Textiles, my kids' art, socks, vintage, sticks

      Cary: Compulsive


PS: Motherhood is NOT….


Jenna: Motherhood is not what defines me, its what urges me to be a better person each and every day.

      Cary: Motherhood is not ever EVER giving up on you and yours. 💕


We want every single piece from the Ace & Jig Spring/Summer 17 Collection!!!


Watch this space for more Two Peas in a Pods!