MA CRUSH MONDAY: Deirdre King of Indego Africa

Deirdre and Iris on the beach by  Indego Africa.

Deirdre and Iris on the beach by Indego Africa.

We're still basking in the Mother's Day glow and so happy to celebrate this week's MA CRUSH: beach beauty Deirdre King, Creative Director of Indego Africa.  This golden-spun Mama is a breath of fresh air here in the #Boburbseast with a smile spotted miles away. A dear mutual friend introduced us and we've been singing her praise ever since. She's the vision behind the coveted  lifestyle brand and a sweet mama of (almost) two. She's soon packing up her brood and moving back to her hometown by the sea, so we snatched her up before they go and asked her to answer #thesamethreeequestions. Click below as she shares favorites of family-life on the shore with her little gal and baby on the way. 

1.PS: Tell us a bit what's behind your children's names:

Iris Laura | 20 months and Baby-in-my-Belly, arriving in July!

DM: Iris is not a family name or my favorite flower, and is only slightly inspired by Iris Apfel. My husband and I picked this name out for our pretend future daughter before we were even engaged to be married. We liked that it was classic and feminine. She now calls herself “Irie” which makes us swoon. Her middle name, Laura, is my mom’s name. My mom is the mother of four girls and is the most patient woman I know. Iris has a very nurturing side and I’m convinced that she gets that from her (middle) namesake.

Iris wears a  HATCH x Indego Africa  onesie on the shore. 

Iris wears a HATCH x Indego Africa onesie on the shore. 

2.PS: Can you share a few of your local Motherhood Favorites?

DM: We visit the beach (Monmouth County on the Jersey Shore) on the weekends and are moving there this summer. Some of our favorites include:

Morning kisses and cuddles from Iris

Cold Brew from On Third in Spring Lake

Saturday morning flea markets and yard sales after pancake making

Beach / Boardwalk strolls and soon (when our newborn arrives) sunrise watching

Kleins in Belmar for the best seafood

Drinks at Parker House or Breakers after a beach day

Deirdre in Indego Africa.

Deirdre in Indego Africa.

3.PS: What commonalities of Motherhood do you reject, and on the you have any guilty pleasures? 

DM: I make it a point not to google or obsess over “milestones” or compare Iris to other kids. She has cousins and friends her age and seeing how different they all are has made me realize how fun it is to take joy in seeing different kids grow in different ways. Appreciating each child’s unique path takes away the inherent competitiveness in motherhood and makes it a bit more of an enjoyable journey in my opinion! (Cliché I know)… but my guilty pleasure is watching an uninterrupted reality tv episode with a fashion magazine and a really good cup of coffee (or two). These days that’s my zen zone. 

PS: Would you mind sharing a SCRIBBLE? (a doodle, a recipe, a poem- anything!)

DM: I found a notebook with this poem handwritten in it at a flea market in Chelsea during my single gal twenties. I don’t know who wrote it or where it came from and I’ve resisted the urge to google it because for me, I love it as a gentle reminder that happiness and love grows from having a kind heart. I think of it often when I need strength or inspiration.


Kind hearts are gardens,

Kind thoughts are roots,

Kind words are blossoms,

Kind deeds are fruits;

Love is the sweet sunshine.

Only in darkness

Grow hatred and strife.

True, true love!

True, true love!

Stay tuned as we soon revisit INDEGO AFRICA !