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Boburbseast local e-shop proprietor, Marichelle Hills of MEUS , leads a gorgeously curated selection of artisan-made goods with a simple philosophy: "Celebrate the small moments and surround yourself with things that make everyday living feel more special." She's built a beautiful, thoughtful lifestyle destination while also raising three little girls.  Click for more as this busy Mama takes a moment to tell us a little bit more behind the brand and the tricky art of balance. 

PS: Tell us a bit about how the brand began:

MH: In a previous life I founded and wrote a blog that was all about discovering independent artists and designers. I really enjoyed sharing the stories and the process behind their work, and became incredibly passionate about increasing awareness and appreciation for handcrafted goods and the artisans behind them. That passion for supporting small businesses really stuck with me and eventually grew into a dream to one day open up a shop where I would be able to support independent makers first-hand, while also getting to do something every day that I truly believe in and enjoy.

I had plans to open up a business back when we were still living in New York City, but we made the decision to start a family first and eventually moved out into the burbs. After four years of being a stay-at-home mom, I knew that I was ready to start redefining who I was professionally, so I started working towards my dream while pregnant with my third daughter. Finally, just a few months after she was born, MEUS launched.

Pretty brass coffee scoops from  Stella Blue Gallery

Pretty brass coffee scoops from Stella Blue Gallery

PS: Your shop takes over your attic floor. How great to have your place of work underneath the walls of your own home! Any tips for work-at-home Mamas?

MH: Working from home definitely has its advantages, but it can also be very challenging with three little kids around. The kids had a difficult time adjusting in the beginning, especially for Emma (my oldest); it was hard for her to understand why she couldn’t come up and hang out with me. But now I've figured out some ways to involve them whenever possible which makes them feel involved and part of the shop! Lucy loves filling up my giant post-office sacs with packages that are ready to be shipped, Emma enjoys constructing shipping boxes and Alice is happy to pick up label backings from the floor and toss them in the trash! It's a win-win situation!

Kid's sweet starry tassel necklace by  H-Luv

Kid's sweet starry tassel necklace by H-Luv

PS: Lastly, any tips for the ever-burning challenge of BALANCE?


- Lots of coffee.

- Know when to ask for help and when to take it.

- Sometimes saying NO is ok!

- Don't be so hard on yourself and be ok with growing your business slowly.


Marichelle and her three darling girls: Emma (5), Lucy (3), and Alice (22 mos) shot by  Christy Kurtz Harmon.

Marichelle and her three darling girls: Emma (5), Lucy (3), and Alice (22 mos) shot by Christy Kurtz Harmon.

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