Digs: Kat's Closet

We're exploring the notion of identity beyond just Motherhood over here at PS.  Most of us cling to old photographs of our own Mothers, romanticizing her cool youth and perfectly-now style, and what made her.. HER. We wonder what our sons and daughters will remember in us- (hopefully not the chaos), and more of a little something like the beauty and innate elegance in our dear friend, Kat  (if we're lucky!) These kiddos landed a good one. She demonstrates a kind of grace in everyday dressing that we all aspire. She has one of the most articulated sense of personal style we've seen, with a virtuosity in Vintage like no other. What better place to kick it off other than Kat's Closet?! Click through East-Coast Photo Contributor Christy Kurtz Harmon's gorgeous pics for some wardrobe-envy.


Thrifting Tips from a Pro:

My advice when thrifting, especially if you are staring at a sea of hangers, is to look for good fabric. That is the first sign of something that is well made and more interesting. I have a no-polyester, no-nylon, no-acrylic rule -- though obviously rules are made to be broken. I typically don't like things that are costumey (tiny hats, musty furs, clip-on earrings) and read wacky instead of whimsical. And I think thrifting when traveling is a great way to feel the character of a place and find interesting souvenirs.
Last, go with an open mind. You're probably not going to find that super specific '70s suede pinafore or '90s ribbed-knit bodysuit just because you want one (that's what eBay is for) but there might be a perfect vintage flight suit or floor-length silk robe just waiting for YOU to find it ... if you're lucky.

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