We LOVE Mar Cerdà's Paper + Watercolor Miniatures


In cahoots with our ongoing project #thedollhouseremodel, the schoolgirls inside us are giddy about these paper and watercolor dioramas by Mar Cerdà. Naturally, we're obsessed with anything miniature... tiny and orderly precisions are weirdly satisfying and make our heart skip a beat. A handful of our friends and followers sent us The Jealous Curator 's piece about Mar's brilliant work - we had to piggyback on this story and reach out ourselves! Click for the teeny interview. 

PS: Did you have a dollhouse when you were little?

MC: Yes! Actually I had two! One was handmade with a lot of help from my father. I spent lot of hours with my dollhouse, as I was an only child and I learned to spend a lot of time alone and amusing myself creating new furniture, little paintings or tiny food made with clay. It's exciting to find a way, in your adult life, to "play" as you used to when you where a child!

PS: Why do you think we are so intrigued with all things TINY?

MC: I have no idea! I wish I had the answer!

PS: Is there a particular artist or story that inspires your work? Anyone recently who you wish you could SHRINK to fit into your dioramas (or dollhouses)?

MC: I have a lot of artists that inspire my work! I could not choose one! The main problem is to choose a subject for my dioramas, because I have so many ideas and so little time to do them!

PS: Is there anything you can say about the children's stories you illustrate?

MC: I've illustrated many different kinds of books. From stories to learn basic things (like how to arrange all the toys) to stories about how my city, Barcelona was in the 19th century. But when I do a more personal story for children, written and illustrated by me, I like to talk about subjects like family, fears, and even death.


PS: Any new projects you would like to share?

MC: Right now I'm working on a couple group exhibitions for the US. It's so fun to share one subject with a bunch of different artists and see how each one comes with a really different view of it.

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