Ma Crush Monday: Amy Morall of Missing Fillmore

photo courtesy Missing Filmore

photo courtesy Missing Filmore

If you've ever spent any time on Amy Morall's beautiful family blog, Missing Filmore, you've likely left with a list of new goals of family adventure (probably including far-flung beaches, meadow hikes and surprise swimming holes ).  This quietly inspiring and whimsical celebration of family in pictures had us wanting more, so we couldn't help but ask the mother of three in Devon, England #thesamethreequestions.

These twins!

These twins!

1.PS: Tell us a bit what's behind your children's names:

Primrose Noël | 8

AM: Primrose means "first rose" and I gave birth to her first, so it was fitting. I knew I wanted pretty names. It's the name of a little mouse character in the series "Brambly Hedge." My grandma would read it to us over a pot of tea and rich tea biscuits when we went to stay with her. 


Magnolia Boo | 8

Magnolia is Maggie's full name. I wanted to give her a pretty flower name just like her sister so she had the choice to use it but we chose Maggie first and solely call her this... it's a sweet, friendly name that absolutely fits her character. Boo is from my favourite read as a teen 'To Kill A Mocking Bird'. 


Gilby Skipp Winter Gene | 5

His name was much harder to narrow down (should have had another set of twins). He was called baby Morrall for the first 6 weeks. We just couldn't decide between Gilby and Skipp but Gil won over eventually and again came from a story I loved as a child  called "Anne of Green Gables." Although now we never call him Gil. On naming day, Andy decided we should put all our favourites down. Gilby thinks it's fun to have four names.

2.PS: Can you share a few of your local Motherhood Favorites?

AM: Our family favourites include coastal trips and moorland hiking to climbing spots. Our favourite beaches here in Devon are Bantham, Bigbury and Blackpool Sands. We love to drive to the north coast of Cornwall to camp walkable distances to the surf, Polzeath and Gwithian being our favourite spots. To climb we love Bone Hill and Dewerstone in Dartmoor national park and our favourite place to eat nearby is an organic farm called Riverford. 

As much as I love living in the country I get my love for city life filled when visiting my family in London, not nearly as often as I'd like though.

3.PS: What commonalities of Motherhood do you reject, and on the you have any guilty pleasures? 

AM: As we are currently homeschooling we have rejected the need to follow the standardised British schooling system and its learning necessities with the hope we can grow adaptively together, continuing to question the world and why we do what we do. My desire is that my children can create, investigate, tinker in a space they enjoy and are able to really use practically so I have refused the need to have a spotless, minimal home. I guess I could say my guilty pleasure is to have open art supply shelves to use at our disposal. Also I'd like to thank my husband for allow me to wake up slowly in the mornings. Guilty!

PS: Would you mind sharing a SCRIBBLE? (a doodle, a recipe, a poem- anything!)

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