Ma Crush Monday: Michelle Kohanzo of Land of Nod

Portrait by  Heather Talbert

Portrait by Heather Talbert

We've heard tales about this dream-boss being a Superwoman kind of inspiration, so we were thrilled when Michelle Kohanzo, managing director of Land of Nod and mother of four(!!) agreed to engage with us and answer #thesamethreequestions. 

Michelle has been with Land of Nod since the beginning, and has since helped shape and drive the brand to be the playfully cool and coveted name it is. She's a creative powerhouse in the workforce by all accounts, with an impressively down-to-earth and no-nonsense grip on the balancing act. We're so excited this self-proclaimed fashion-addict, crafter, and mamma gave us a tiny piece of her busy day. 


1.PS: Tell us a bit what's behind your children's names:

Emily Rose | 17

MK: Emily because it's simple and classic and Rose is my Great-grandmother, as well as my middle name.

Connor Steven | 15

Connor was the only boys name my husband and I could agree on and Steven is my husband's father name.

Henry Kenneth | 8

Henry was suggested by my then boss and just stuck, it's a good strong name and Kenneth is my dad.

Everett Michael | 8

(Everetty to me) Everett is a name that goes back many generations on my husbands side and Michael is my husbands grandfather.  It's a big responsibility to name a human, it was really important to me that there was some sense of heritage in each of my kids names.

Kooky family portrait.

Kooky family portrait.

2.PS: Can you share a few of your local Motherhood Favorites?

MK: A few things I love to do:

My husband and I like to "getaway" to Soho House Chicago without the kids.  We often meet there have a leisurely dinner, stay the night and have breakfast in the morning at Little Goat across the street.  It's a lovely escape and makes us feel like we're still dating.

DiPiero's is my favorite local joint for dinner with the family.  They make their own pasta and the food is classic and delicious.  

My favorite past time is just being home with my family - crocheting or weaving, taking walks by the creek near our house and just being together.

Early weavings from the Etsy shop she shares with her sister,  Bourbon + Gin.

Early weavings from the Etsy shop she shares with her sister, Bourbon + Gin.

3.PS: What commonalities of Motherhood do you reject, and on the you have any guilty pleasures? 

MK: I completely reject the over-scheduling of children and the pressure to overachieve academically.  I think there is far too little time for kids to be kids and all I want is for my kids is for them to be happy and kind.  

My guilty pleasures are gin and yarn!

Michelle and Everett by  Thuss + Farrell

Michelle and Everett by Thuss + Farrell

PS: Would you mind sharing a SCRIBBLE? (a doodle, a recipe, a poem- anything!)

Bits + pieces from #bourbonandgin.

Bits + pieces from #bourbonandgin.

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