We LOVE Hello Fresh

Let's face it: neither of us here at PS are culinarily-inclined. We love a pretty picture, but certainly lack skills in the kitchen (another way we openly embrace imperfection!) So we were both thrilled to embark on a week of healthy food boxes from Hello Fresh. The delightful recipes include pre-measured, seasonal ingredients from trusted suppliers and we had a ball including the whole family in on it. And guess what....our readers can get 30% off their first box with code BOBURBS30. Bon Appetite! 

The idea of pre-collected and measured ingredients takes the anxiety and inefficiency out of the grocery-wanderings we find ourselves doing too often. It was like having our own private farmers market and personal chef- in a satisfying little box with perfectly packaged baggies, shiny vegetables, and bundles of herbs. The presentation and package experience was worth it alone.

Because we didn't have to worry about the gathering, sorting, and measuring- the whole gang could participate, which made the fun in learning it all together. 

The portions are robust- the "FAMILY" box contains meals for "4" and we (2 parents, 2 kids) certainly had leftovers for all of us the next day. 

Our boxes included a butternut risotto, swedish meatballs, and thai shrimp. YUM. We felt FANCY!

We hope you enjoy the family meals as much as we did. We're always trying to find ways to foster some #slowliving outside our usual rush and tumble speed. Here's to cooking at home all together and making the most of this long winter. 

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*BOBURBS30 coupon code for 30% off is valid for 1 YEAR from today. 

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