We LOVE Kneeland Mercado: Market Finds!

Kneeland Mercado Market finds for the Bohemian Nursery.

There is no tastemaker quite like Joanna Williams, of Kneeland Co.  Her keen eye is unmatched-she's a scout sent from Heaven with a global reach. Whether its her brilliant research library, her textile studio's one-of-a-kind embroideries sold to the trade, or her jumbo-looped rugs with a cult-following, you've likely seen her contribution to the stylish world. Her Pinterest page alone is an envious archive. We're lucky enough to call her one of our best friends, and enjoy daily doses of inspiration from her. Take a look above as she shares some of her eccentric wares befit for the most perfect bohemian nursery!

More  Kneeland Mercado  finds in her guest #thingamajigs vignette. 

More Kneeland Mercado finds in her guest #thingamajigs vignette. 

For more of Joanna's worldly decadence, visit her Instagram feed.