Paper Flower Crowns by Nancy Cook

Nancy's own daughter Scarlet helps craft and model. 

Nancy's own daughter Scarlet helps craft and model. 

#Boburbseast own master sewer and queen-of-knits,  Nancy Cook  teaches us how to make this dreamy paper flower and fabric crown. Inspired by her love of Frida Kahlo, Nancy breaks down how to whip up the bespoke headpiece. If you need some winter blooms in your life, click for the tutorial. 

"My inspiration for this flower crown was Frida Kahlo. I find her to be a very intriguing artist and was thrilled that I got to visit the recent exhibit at the NY Botanical Gardens this past Spring."

The more colors and textures, the better!

The more colors and textures, the better!


Large Wax Paper Flower (Vintage), Vintage silk flower, Flower stamens. Parcel. Montclair NJ 

Crepe Paper- Paper Mart

Bright Pink  Paper-Stiff tissue paper I found at Michaels in the gift section (Though any mix will work!)

Fabric - Mine is a mix of Liberty of London tana lawn and quilting cotton - Purl Soho

Wool Felt Balls - Handbehg Felt Balls

Pinking Shears (Fabric) 

Scissors - Fabric and Paper

Wire Cutter or scissor- the wire is fairly thin

Floral Tape

Floral Wire

Glue Gun

Self Healing Mat and Rotary Cutter- not necessary but very helpful for accurate cutting

Headband- It needs to be fabric on the exterior (not smooth metal which can be slippery and difficult to attach) 



Cut a piece of wire 6" long. I used long wire and cut all pieces to 6" 

(Tip: When cutting crepe paper make sure to have the grain run vertically. You can see it and this allows the paper to stretch.)

Place the crepe paper against the wire, wrap it around circling the stem and secure with floral tape about 1/2" on the paper gently pulling the floral tape as you work continuing past the petal onto the stem.

To make each flower:

(Tip:) Working from one side to the other attach to headband making sure to leave some free space at the ends of headband . Keep the flowers close together as this is very full,


1. Sky Blue with Yellow Center Crepe Paper Flower

First, you will want to make the center of the flower. Cut a piece of yellow crepe paper 9" wide by 2" high. Take your scissors and cut halfway down lengthwise across the whole piece about a 1/4" apart or less. You want them to be close together. Cut the sky blue crepe paper, 6" wide by 2 3/4 " high, fringe the top end  and wrap around base.  Wrap wire around one end of headband. Add some glue if you wish for extra security to keep it in place. 

Repeat with varied scale and materials for your own eclectic arrangement, or follow below for detailed guidance......


2. Red Crepe Paper Flower

Cut  red crepe paper 5" wide by 2" high. Cut one side into a scalloped edge. Place floral stamens in middle and wrap the crepe paper as described attaching  to wire and then headband.

3. Burgundy Crepe Paper Flower with Purple Center

Cut  purple crepe paper center 6" wide by 1 1/4" high and burgundy crepe paper 10" wide by 2 1/2" high.  Fringe the purple piece as described in the flower above and wrap around wire and tape then attaching the burgundy piece by first accordion folding and then wrapping as described, taping to wire and then wrapping around headband. 

4. Small Pink Crepe Paper Flower

The small pink flower is really a fringed center. Cut  a piece of light pink crepe paper 7" wide by 4" high. Fringe as described, wrap around wire and tape, attach to headband.

5. Blue Polka Dot Fabric Flower, 12 Liberty of London, and 14 Red Polka Dot Fabric Flowers

You can free cut this or use the template. It is a free form circular shape approximately 4" wide on all sides.

Using pinking shears cut around the edges. Puncture the flower with wire leaving majority of the length of wire at bottom to wrap to headband, place glue on fabric in the middle and pinch closed. Think of the a open hand, palm up and closing to bring it together.

6. Purple Crepe Paper Flower

Cut purple crepe paper 12" Wide by 1 1/2" High. Fringe 3/8 apart along width, wrap as described around wire, tape  and attach.

7. Vintage Navy Blue Flower

Attach any vintage flower with glue to base of headband

8. + 9. Wool Felt Balls

Attach felt balls with glue to base of headband where there is room

10. Sky Blue Crepe Paper Flower

10" wide 1 1/2 high Fringe the paper as described halfway down  and all the way across, wrap around wire, tape and attach.

11. Bright Pink Paper Flower

12" wide by 6" high . This is the thick paper I found at Michaels but you could use something else if you like. Use the pinking shears along one edge and loosely wrap around into a rose shape wrapping three times. If you fold the paper along the width into 4 x 4 x 4 it will help gauge how to wrap , tape, then attach to headband.

12. White Wax Flower

attach by wrapping the wire to headband. 

13. Royal Blue Crepe Paper Flower

6" wide by 21/4 high, accordion fold, wrap around wire, tape and attach to headband

14. Yellow Crepe Paper Flower

 4" wide by 1 1/2 high fringe along width and accordion fold around wire, tape and attach to headband.



Flower Template

Make sure to swing by Nancy's Etsy Shop to see her irresistible baby knits and Liberty-printed accessories!

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