Listen: This is Love Podcast Episode 2


An unconventional love story about a teenager, the Pacific Ocean, and an encounter with something wild. 

Just as our best friend Kelli instructed, listen to this magical podcast with your kids! It's a beautifully true account of human and animal nature. Without giving away too much, Lynne Cox describes the deep interaction she shared with Something Large and Wild. 

You know when you have something so close to you for so long you feel a connection to it, so I reached out and touched him and he felt like...A MUSHROOM. Or a NEOPRENE WETSUIT.
I had the great experience to swim with dolphins before and I felt their skin, but his felt thicker, and just sort of taunter and he felt my touch. You could feel him moving closer toward me and I just stroked him again.
— Lynne Cox (Long-distance Swimmer, Author, Motivational Speaker)

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