Guest Thingamajigs: Molly from Squashblossom Vintage

Our friend and former MA CRUSH Molly from Squash Blossom Vintage curated a guest thingamajigs post for us! Click for more treats from the Bohemian Queen's new e-shop as she shares some of her Summer Wanderlust Essentials! 

1. gauze Indian tapestry jumpsuit from our upcoming handmade collection

2. dark round sunnies for beach days

3. vintage peace patch to sew on our hiking carrier backpack

4. denim patchwork sleeping bag for daytime picnics + camping

5. little prayer flags to decorate our tent

6. a guide to Sierra Nevada wildflowers

7. a cozy toddler Afghan vest for cool nights in Humboldt

8. yarrow + Shasta daisies from our garden

9. moon + sun old leather handcrafted booties for dusty hikes

Be sure to check out for the sweetest bohemian vintage + handmade picks!!! 

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