Day 1: Cardboard Village


We recycled all the cardboard boxes from the holidays. we made house structures, towers, teepees, trees, and more. You can do anything you want - the options are endless!

I pull out all the supplies ahead of time.

    •    scissors

    •    markers 

    •    washi tape

    •    glue sticks

    •    paper (plain and/or decorative)

    •    chalk 

    •    crayons

    •    mat knife (for grown ups)

    •    shipping tape (or masking) to hold structures together

We decorated the structures with mostly markers, chalk, washi tape, and paper and glue.

You can use anything really! paint could be great, but we didn't want to worry about waiting for them to dry.

*Works best if the grown up cuts and makes the houses and kiddos decorate.